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Guangzhou Mowl Technology Co., Ltd.
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Main product
US$90.72 - US$110.29
Shipping to be negotiated
Min. Order: 2 개
쉬운 반품
38 orders
Main product
US$65.78 - US$85.26
Shipping to be negotiated
Min. Order: 2 개
쉬운 반품
15 orders
Main product
US$78.76 - US$88.25
Shipping to be negotiated
Min. Order: 2 개
쉬운 반품
27 orders
Main product
US$130.81 - US$150.24
Shipping to be negotiated
Min. Order: 2 개
쉬운 반품
35 orders
Main product
US$27.00 - US$42.00
Shipping to be negotiated
Min. Order: 10 개
쉬운 반품
23 orders
제공 SGS Group
원스톱 프로젝트 솔루션
솔루션 옵션(1): landscape
2D/ 3D 디자인 서비스
지역 건설
더 보기
7 사진
유형: landscape
Supply, installation and commissioning of outdoor landscape engineering
회사 리뷰 (131)
4.6 /5
  • 공급업체 서비스
  • 정시 배송
  • 제품 품질
Terrible product and customer service. Goods arrived damaged, poor packing. Seller is extremely bad in communication, they ignore messages, you need to ask all over about same things. There is no after sales service, no warranty, nothing. They act like there is no problem and will offer you 30usd compensation for 1800usd order. BUY ON YOUR OWN RISK, but remember they will not help you. Cheap products sold in high price. Moving heads do not keep focus, they are loud when moving, no fixture files to use in dmx software. Missing power cords, each device use different power plug standard and seller don't even know what model of the non standard plug they use.
    delivery excellent. quality to still try product service excellent
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      동영상 팁
      330W 15R 스팟 워시 3in1 빔 이동 헤드 라이트
      280w 빔 스팟 워시 라이트
      테스트 600w 차가운 불꽃 기계
      뜨거운 판매 54*3w RGBWAUV LED 파 빛
      Mowl 600w 차가운 불꽃 기계
      테스트 9m 높이 LED 리프팅 공
      Led 운동 빛 테스트
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